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Civil and Industrial Thermal and Air Conditioning Plants

Our Technical Engineering Office is to disposition for the planning of Thermal Plant of heating conventional radiators and/or oversized in comparison to the standard; in facts in the conventional Plant the radiators come sized with few elements (pipes) to which corresponds little surface of thermal exchange with the environment and, to obviate to this, water is made circular to elevated temperatures. The heat so product it will be predominantly convective with consequent side effects in terms of comfort and health Instead if in phase of project him “oversized” the radiators (more elements = more surface of exchange) it will be possible, to parity of heat exchanged with the environment to make to circulate the water to an inferior temperature. In other terms, the radiator will have the tendency to behave as a radiant wall and that is the convective component to advantage will reduce of that radiant. You will have so greater comfort associated with a smaller energetic

requirement. Since in the thermal plant with radiators“oversized” water circulates to average temperature, it will enjoy numerous advantages. The plant can effectively be connected to the condensation boilers, boilers with outputs particularly elevated, and can be combined with the thermal solar panels that can also furnish water to the temperature of exercise application from the thermal plant (in the case of scarce sun the generator of heat or boiler, integrate the lacking heat). Unlike the conventional plant (inevitably characterized by an intermittent operation), the thermal plant with radiators “oversized”, connected to a condensation boiler, and/or to a pump of heat geothermic, will primarily work under conditions of maximum output.

Our Technical Study plans also systems of panels heating radiant drowned to the floor; in fact for the low temperature of exercise, the system finds ideal application in combining to: condensation boilers (characterized by elevated outputs) to which the heating to floor allows to reduce drastically the operation intermittent pumps and/or of heat geothermic. The generator of heat will work therefore under conditions of maximum output; thermal solar panels thanks to which water can be heated to the temperature of exercise of the plant or however to draw near very to it (making only in such necessary case a light increase of temperature from the generator of heat); you systematize impiantistici endowed with thermal accumulation fed from generating of biomasses heat.

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