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Thermal IR Analysis (Residential and Industrial)

Thermal IR Analysis it is one a technique that allows the visualization of the values of thermal energy radiated from any surface through special instrumentations, calls term camera or you systematize methodic thermographic.Questa it uses the principle of the Physics that whatever body has a greater temperature of the absolute zero (- 273,14°C) it sends forth energy in the form of infrared radiation, therefore not visible (to see photo under). to be perceived and valued, this the issue in the infrared ghost must be converted into a digital signal that, in turn, it will allow visualizing the data in numerical form, or


a)Technica, not invasive and sure.
b)Identify the sources of moisture and the structural problems quickly.
c)Identify leaks of heat and/or of cold with precision.
d)gives a report of inspection in real time.
e) Documents the interventions of repair during and after the end of the jobs of restoration of the manufactured articles.

In the photo here above the location of a thermal bridge, it is noticed constituted by a beam and a pillar in c.a. both lacking ones of suitable thermal isolation.

The same image in the visible one where nothing is apparently noticed

In the photo above to the right the lack of thermal isolation it recognizes him in the ceiling of an attic where the transmission of the heat is evident from the outside during a morning in summer
while in the photo (visible) to the left nothing is noticed.

With the thermography to infrared, it is possible to for example reveal infiltrations of water (photo to right) operating a scanning inside a building and putting in evidence an excess of due damp to losses of the hydraulic plant, losses of the roof, losses located etc around windows; in fact, the wet zones of the materials of construction cool when thermal energy is transferred during the process of evaporation of the water; therefore, a wet zone (colder) it will mostly be underlined by the surrounding one dry surface (warmer).

Different it is the situation in which operating to the outside a scanning thermographic of a coverage (photo to the left) in the afternoon or in the late evening, the zones with the presence of infiltrations of water will stay warmer because of the most greater ability thermal of this last that will surrender therefore the heat accumulated during the morning in the smaller measure (warmer) of the surrounding dry zones (more cold).

In the photo above still presence of damp on a nonvisible ceiling to naked eye (image to left)

in the analysis of the structural defects, can be affirmed that the differences in the thermal ability, in the conductibility and in other intrinsic qualities of the structural components of the construction you/they can be underlined when the are explored walls, the floors and the ceilings with an infrared photographic car. (in the photo to the left a scanning effected to the afternoon on a mantle road with scabbard water repellent); In fact, the defects and/or lacks structural components and/or parts of them (separations of plaster etc.) they are able to be in relief when their intrinsic qualities are meaningfully changed, to a pact that the conditions of measure are chosen appropriately. our Technical Engineering Office is to the disposition for any analyses thermographic to

effect both in the field industrial, (maintenance predictive) thermographic that in the sector of the housebuilding (analysis thermal proof, damp, structural defects etc.).

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