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Thermal hygrometric Analysis

Our Technical Engineering Office performs on application experimental verifications thermal-hygrometric in work with non-intrusive systems of measure; particularly it is possible to draw the following parameters: to) Verification of the superficial damp (depth max up to 2cm and 4cm) on manufactured articles in armed cement, concrete, masonry, attics etc. b) Verification of the damp in depth with microwaves method (depth max up to 20cm and 30cm) on manufactured articles in armed cement, concrete, masonry, attics etc.per the verification of formation of it condenses interstitial, water's infiltrations owed to defective waterproofing, water's losses from pipelines etc.

in fact, the microwaves method is innovative, not invasive and it founds him on the principle that the water having a very tall dielectric constant in comparison to the other materials interacts with the sent signal (microwave) and it modifies so when this last the centralizing of the tool is rebroadcasted to, measuring this variation of the microwave is possible to go up again to the constant dielectric that represents the digital image of the material; then greater it is the constant dielectric that measure and greater it is the present damp in the material. besides with the support of the analysis thermographic to infrared on elements and/or façades of buildings etc. it also occurs the relative damp, absolute damp and dewy point inside housing environments with comparison in real time with a superficial temperature of the inside walls to the purpose to verify the possibility of formation of condenses superficial due to defects of thermal insulation, thermal bridges, missed ventilation etc..

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