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Mechanical Design and Finite Element Analysis(FEA)

We perform the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of Mechanical Components and Machines on request, besides it guarantees technical support for the development of Industrial Patents. To make details forehead demands of more than few clients our Technical Study of engineering it is lent to also perform the mechanical sketch of components and mechanical groups of a various kind on the application. For the mechanical planning we use thereof the more adjourned computer supports as you systematize three-dimensional CAD (CATIA V5, AUTOCAD);her planning is developed following the specific techniques furnished by the buyer, that are integrated keeping in mind of the machinery and the methods of workmanship that will be used in the shop of the same buyer. How integral and following phase to the planning, once that the buyer has realized the prototyping, we work a comparison and collaboration continue with the Technical office and the experts of

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the buyer's shop. We are able to furnish the study of planning and of evolved engineering in the various sectors of the industrial mechanics. We are able to perform every phase of planning, following the lines drives to respect for the development of the single components, up to the study of feasibility. We furnish support firms engineering manufacturing. The environments of job are the mechanics, the plant, the industrial sketch and the planning of cars and prototypes. Consolidates her experience acquired in the mechanical shop of the Ing.Angelo Teobaldelli has allowed us to deepen accurate way the launchings processes of realization and problem list met on the field. This allows us to propose an ample range of skills and our test methodologies of

planning. Today, later around 30 years and with a strong practical background over how theoretical, we are able to face with great serenity every aspect of the study of a project. We are able to support you in the ideation of the planning CAD, in the planning to the analyses of feasibility, in the choice of the materials, in the choice of the suppliers and in the design. In the Technical support for the realization of the project to the purpose of to introduce a question of Industrial Patent, as before thing is necessary to individualize and to know the demands of the inventor. Everything this for to analyze her in reality and therefore eventually to propose appropriate solutions and/or changes to the purpose to guarantee its functionality and reliability. You begin with to individualize the critical points of the invention on which the study and the search for the good solutions are created. Subsequently, he proceeds for a complete study of the project respecting the regulations with the production of the constructive sketches and the whole documentation that it requires the Industrial Patent.

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