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Energetic Certified Residential (The Laws are referred to the Italian Legislation)

From October 1, 2015, they have gone into effect the new decrees affected of the law 90/2013, and in the specific one the new lines it drives national for the attestation of the energetic performance of the buildings of June 26, 2015 (Decreto Ministeriale 26/06/2015(Gazzetta ufficiale 15/07/2015 n. 162). The three decrees of June 26 in the subject of energetic efficiency, modify the rules on the energetic certification of the buildings and the editing of the bee, the certificate of performance energetic.Il first decree defines particularly the new formalities of calculation of the energetic performance and the new least requisite of efficiency for the new buildings and those submitted to restructuring. The second decree adjusts, accordingly, the schemes of the technical relationship of the project to the new normative picture, in operation of the different typologies of works (new constructions, important restructurings, energetic retraining). The third decree adjourns finally the lines, it drives for the certification of the

energetic performances of the buildings, defining the structure of the new Energetic Performance Attestation. The new normative also identifies a new scheme of commercial announcement, that should allow the citizen to the Administrations and all the operators of the, building sector a more immediate comparison of the characteristics of different buildings, favoring an orientation of the market toward those of energetic quality best, or more efficient and with smaller costs of heating and cooling. The energetic classes from seven ten become: departing from the class G (the worse one), to reach the top of the four levels of class Á.: A1, A2, A3, A4. Besides, the new Bee will bring, over the consumptions for the winter heating, also those for the summer cooling, the correlated issues of carbonic anhydride and the possible furnished energy

from the self-production with fittingses from renewable sources. In the new A.P.E.2015 unlike the old certificate of energetic performance is had to observe whether to reach the top of the four levels of class Á.: A1, A2, A3, A4, will need obligatorily to apply all the necessary measures for the correction of the thermal bridges (pillars, beams descents, balconies, windows, etc.) . Our Technical Engineering Office is to disposition of the clientele both for the editing of the certificate of Energetic Performance in the new format APE2015, what for the technical support to the planner for the debugging of all the measures above described for the correction of the thermal bridges, for the thermal isolation and those related to the thermal plant, to the renewable sources etc.

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