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Civil and Industrial Electrical LT Plants

Our Technical Engineering Office offers the service planning for the fittings electric civil and industrial norm Low Tension according to the D.M. n.37 of January 22 nd 2008 and for the calculation of the probability of fulmination (fittings atmospheric discharges).

The last knowledge of the technique of protection against the atmospheric discharges are been published in the new European Norm CEI EN 62305, that it creates beginning from February 1 st 2007 the base for the planning and the construction of fittings of protection from the atmospheric discharges.
According to these directives the whole system of protection against the lightning is composed of the external plant of protection (LPS I express) and inside a plant of protection (LPS I intern). to be able to verify the necessity of a plant of protection from the atmospheric discharges, the Norm CEI EN 62305-2 (class. CEI 81-10/2) it foresees the execution of a calculation probabilistic.

Study, planning, consultation and assistance nin the execution of the fittings in their maximum elasticity and dynamism, considering the demand for integration of different systems in the maximum respect of the actual normative.

Planning of the electrification and the electric preparation from the point of delivery ENEL, you square voters; metallic canalizations; plant of mass to earth; blind luck for the inside illumination, external and of emergency; electrical forces engine, blin dos barra, taken inter-locked, etc. With hundreds of projects in our nearly 20 years of professional activity, our technical department is at your disposal to find the optimal solution.

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