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Corrosion and Protection of Metals - Corrosion Engineering

The corrosion of the materials metallic coast to the industry and in a particular way to that oil, billions of dollars a year; in fact, the oil industry introduces a vast variety of corrosive environments and some of these corrosive environments are unique of this typology of industrial problems of corrosion in the oil industry introduce him in at least three general areas, 1) Production 2) Transport and Storage 3) Operations of Refinery; so it is considered before and that is the aspect

productive, such industries consume an enormous quantity of Iron pipelines and Steel, Pumps, Valves etc. the losses of oil and gas owed to the corrosion allow the infiltration of water and mud so subsequently increasing the damage from corrosion; in fact in the oil layers I am always present salty water and sulfur. The corrosion in the layers introduces him to the inside (to the inside also because however water is pumped for pushing on the oil). Her characteristics of corrosion of the plant of extraction and/or production are determined with the inspection of the surfaces of the components of the plant, with the analysis of the carbonic anhydride, of the organic acid and of the iron; besides are constantly held under control the diameters of the pipelines to verify the effectiveness of the treatment inhibitor of the corrosion adottato.ed to the outside of the fittings of extraction (to the outside I am in fact subjects to the atmospheric corrosion especially in environments

with the presence of chlorides as for the fittings offshore). less recent Methods have been used to try to neutralize the corrosion, carbonate of sodium, a hydroxide of sodium, silicate of sodium, while such additives have been more recently replaced in many cases by available organic inhibitors in watery and soluble solutions in the oil but also with the use especially in the case of the pipelines, of inhibiting primers and-and special metallic leagues.

For the corrosion of the oil bases in sea environment methods are used of prevention of the corrosion that mainly consist in the addition of inhibitors of corrosion in the points of the structures where the sea water it stagnates, in the Cathode protection with sacrificial or current anodes electric engraved for those absorbed structures, besides with the use of paintings and organic primers for those parts of the structure exposed above to the "splash zones" that it is mostly the susceptible zone of the phenomenon of rapids corrosion.

If we consider the second area and that is that of the transport and of the storage can be affirmed that the corrosion is mainly due to the presence of water that stagnates on the fund of the cisterns (in the case of the gasoline the corrosion is greater since it maintains cleaner the metallic surface of the reservoir and therefore it makes more attachable); in such case, the corrosion is prevented using both inhibiting primers and sacrificial anodes while in the pipelines for the transport the inside corrosion is checked also adding storage amines and neighs (few parts for million). For the third area that is that of refinement, the problems of corrosion are mainly due to the the presence of inorganic mixtures (H2S, CO2, sulphuric acid and chloride of sodium)and launchings are also the methods in this case used. We are to disposition for technical consultations related to the prevention of the corrosion in the extreme environments just described and for environments what that Nautical, Aeronautical etc. and of the sectors of workmanship of the metals.

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