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Acoustic Certifications of the Buildings (The Laws are referred to the Italian Legislation)

With hundreds of projects in our nearly 20 years of professional activity, our Technical Engineering Office furnishes the complete solution (certifications, planning of systems guaranteed conforming to the DPCM 05/12/97 on the passive acoustic requisite of the buildings, assistance, and final testing) to put on in order with theD.G.R. n.809 del 10/07/2006 and the D.G.R. n.896 AM/TAM of the 24/06/2003 what they establish aside the obligation of the presentation of the acoustic certification of the buildings of titular and/or subject proponents plan of:==new buildings public deprived and/or;==of new fittings;==building jobs;==building works;==changes;==installations of fittings and/or infrastructures;==restructurings and recovery of the building patrimony existence.ches have to keep in mind of the passive acoustic requisite of the buildings determined to the senses of the DPCM 05/12/97
: the introduced projects to the goals of the release of the permission to build and of the report of beginning activity of which to the DPR 6/6/01, n.380 and to the Law 21/12/01, n.443 and all the other provisions to these connected onesmust be accompanied from special certified acoustic of the project.CERTIFIED OF CONFORMITY: the subjects titular of the permissions to build or the subjects that have introduced the report of beginning activity or their successors and aventi causes, to the goals of the release of the certificate of ability of which to the art.24 of the quoted DPR n.380/01, they owe: to attach to the declaration of conformity of the work, in comparison to the approved project of which to the art. 25 of the DPR, the certified of conformity to the passive acoustic requisite of the buildings.Such certification constitutes the document of which to the art.20, paragraph 1, of the L.R. 28/01.for the buildingspublic for those destined to the realization of:==schools and childcare facility;==hospitals;==nursing homes and of rest. the Certificate of Conformity to the passive acoustic requisite of the buildings, must have made on the base of a Testing In Work performed with measurements.For the remainders buildings, are faculty of the Mayor, to the action of the release of the certificate of agibility, to ask tests in work.

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