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Since 1998 NVH Engineering Integrate Services Worldwide.
Acoustical Measurements in accordance with ANSI, ASTM, ISO, and EN standards, Measurements System Design, NDT - Ultrasonic Testing, FFT Analysis, Design of reactive Silencers for Automotive and Motorcycle intake and exhaust system, Aircraft and Industrial Applications, Automotive and Aviation Quality Sound, NVH and Building Acoustics Engineering Services, Architectural Acoustics Design, Aeroacustics and 3D Acoustics Modeling software simulation, Design of interventions for reducing the intrusion of Neighborhood Noise, for reducing impact noise or impulsive forces, Acoustical Lining Design, Acoustic Ceiling Design, Sound Insulation Design, Mufflers Design, Sound Barriers and Deflectors Design, Optimization of the time of reverberation, Interventions of Noise Control, Sound Absorbing Materials Design, Soundproofing Design. "Since 1998 our most important mission it's making a more comfortable environment with Noise Control inside the Home and Industrial Plants, Airports, and Improving the Noise Control and Quality Sound of the Cars, Aircraft & Helicopters"

(Customer Service Miss Raminta Aglinskaite, please we prefer that you contact us by e-mail)
Tel.:+390733-1776267 (Fax.:+390733-1771155);
Address: Via G.Puccini, Mesagne(BR) - Italy

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